The End of Complexity

Pure1 is management and support made easy and intelligent. It's cloud-based, so you can access your array from anywhere, with any device. It's 24/7 predictive support, so we'll be finding and fixing issues before you're even aware of them. And it's SaaS, so you'll always have our latest innovations at your next login, automatically.

Keep It Simple

Pure1 leverages the cloud for effortless management and predictive, proactive support. See how we do it.

Manage from Anywhere, Install Nothing

Pure1 gives you the freedom to manage your storage globally, from anywhere. FlashArray//m, FlashBlade, or both. Simply login with any device to Pure1. There's nothing else to buy, and nothing to install. In fact, since our solutions are self-managing – with no requirements for tuning, caching, or other complexities – there's really not much for you to do besides watch your storage perform.

Support That's Above and Beyond

Pure1 is like getting a highly-skilled IT team that you didn't have to hire – but is totally focused on you. They're continuously monitoring your cloud-connected array and pro-actively resolving issues before they become problems. They're contacting you with array status and handling your upgrades. With our Global Insight technology, Pure1 offers predictive analytics to assist support staff in protecting your system. In a word, Pure1 has your back.

Easier Than Email

Pure1 is available as a native mobile app for both iOS and Android. Launch the app, login, and you've got complete visibility over your array and any support cases. Now you can switch back to email, because your phone will let you know if there's any storage issue that needs your attention. But don't hold your breath.

Our customers put us in the top 1%

Pure1 management and support has redefined the storage experience – and it's a big reason our customers don't just love our products, they're our loyal fans. With a Satmetrix-validated 2016 NPS score of 83, we're in the top 1% of businesses in customer satisfaction, and the #1 recommended technology vendor by a wide margin.

Powered by Data, Fueled by Analytics

Pure1 starts with the telemetric data of 1,000s of our arrays calling-home continuously. We monitor this data in real-time and leverage it to predict support problems before they happen, tune performance algorithms, and build products that are not just pre-tested for the real world, but ready to manage themselves in it.

A Secure and Scalable Cloud

Pure1 is based on a secure cloud foundation, leveraging the most modern security techniques for data transmittal, storage, and user authentication. And it's built on a scalable group of virtual servers and databases, so your experience will remain mind-blowing even as our customer base grows.

“The support we receive makes Pure Storage an extension of our team."
Matt Harris, Head of IT
Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1
"Pure1 has just a single console, where you can monitor all data in real time at a glance.”
Stefan Seerden, IT Systems Manager
“With Pure, the support has been just mind-blowing.”
Ricky Comstock, Storage Administrator
Ohio National Financial Services


Pure1 Community offers a vibrant community of customers, Pure Storage® staff, and partners collaborating to exchange tips, scripts and best practices, and enabling a services ecosystem. It's an inspiring place, and you'll never be alone.

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