Astonishing Support

Pure1 Support gets some of the highest reviews in the industry – including a Net Promoter Score of 85. We take a proactive approach by monitoring and assisting customers at every stage – fixing issues whether they are ours or not. Now, with predictive support, we've even got you covered for what you don't see coming.

Predictive Support, Proactive Response

Pure1 Support continuously monitors telemetric data for every FlashArray, proactively alerting customers to problems and scheduling fixes. Now, with Pure1 Global Insight, we scan and analyze your system to predict vulnerability to known issues - and take pre-emptive action before there's a problem. The result: you minimize downtime risk.

Chances Are, We'll Call You

We have no Level 1 support. If you call us with an issue, you'll be talking to someone who can help you solve the problem. But our predictive support means that in most cases we'll be calling you first to tell you about a potential problem and schedule preventative maintenance. We open the majority of support cases, and in 58% of incidents, the first call is initiated by Pure Storage.

Undying Proactivity

We take ownership for problems. We're not satisfied until we've helped solve any and all problems you may be having, whether they're ours or not. Our commitment to your success has earned our support team rave reviews – and an NPS score of 85.

Secure Remote Assistance

If maintenance is needed on your FlashArray, Pure Storage support engineers can perform it remotely. Simply authorize a RemoteAssist session, and we’ll work with you to update the FlashArray as necessary. RemoteAssist connections are secure, logged, and only initiated with customer authorization.

We'll Even Manage Your Upgrades

All Pure1 support plans include managed upgrades, removing one more management task from your schedule. Software upgrades are fully managed remotely by support personnel, and are non-disruptive – with 100% performance maintained throughout the process. 90% of software upgrades are handled remotely by Pure1 support staff.

Two Flavors of Support

We offer Advanced and Premium support plans. Both include 24x7 phone support and a support level agreement for hardware replacement. Proactive monitoring and remote software upgrades are also included. With the Premium plan, you have the option to purchase the services of a Service Account Manager and a Designated Support Engineer who will provide personalized case management, weekly status updates, and regular on-site visits.

"The fact we can do an upgrade with no downtime in a production setting – that’s phenomenal."
Chris Dean, Director
Judson ISD
"Pure just made everything a lot easier."
Justin Stottlemyer, Fellow
"Before we even knew about it, Pure Storage was on the phone to let us know there was an issue."
Steve Young, CTO
Judson ISD

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