Pure’s Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) delivers OPEX storage-as-a-service (STaaS) for private and hybrid clouds. Now you can get the effortless, efficient, and Evergreen™ Pure Storage experience, on demand, with dramatically lower TCO.

Pure ES2 Storage on Demand

OPEX, Pay-per-use* Private Cloud

Pure ES2 delivers a private and hybrid cloud storage service, for terms as low as 12 months. Pure ES2 is far more flexible than leasing, and far simpler – allowing you to focus on driving business value with data and apps rather than managing storage. Check it out.

* Subject to minimum commitment.


With Evergreen Storage Service, you only pay for used effective capacity (measured daily), not provisioned capacity. The result is up to twice the cost efficiency based on typical over-provisioning rates – because Pure ES2 ensures you never pay for storage you’re not actually using.

Evergreen Storage Service is Pay-Per-Use Data Capacity

* All TB values are “effective capacity usage”.

Enterprise-Grade Features, Lower TCO

Evergreen Storage Service deploys Pure’s industry-leading FlashArray in your data center, giving you comprehensive features, control, security, performance, and data services – all for a lot less than public cloud. With enterprise-grade availability, Pure ES2 is storage-only IaaS with resiliency that major public cloud vendors can’t touch. Need more? You can leverage Pure ES2 for zero RTO business continuity.


Pure ES2 enables you to leverage the public cloud natively and consume all services via OPEX. Combine primary storage (via Pure ES2) with elastic compute (from public cloud) and gain the agility to balance and scale workloads across your own STaaS cloud environment.

ES2 is Purpose-Built Cloud Storage


Pure ES2 is the only true storage service for private and hybrid clouds designed for no balance sheet impact, enabling OPEX treatment regardless of term length. That’s because Pure ES2 is the only storage service based solely on service-level agreements – it’s not a financing program for specific storage configurations.*

* OPEX treatment is subject to customer's auditor review.


Since competitors’ solutions are not truly Evergreen, their monthly $/GB rates include the cost of periodic array re-buys. You’ll also pay for the data migrations, maintenance windows, and performance impact that comes with them. With Pure and Evergreen, such forklift upgrades don’t exist – and neither do their costs. Only Pure ES2 is built on a dynamic configuration optimized over time by Pure Storage – at no extra cost.

Avoid Forklift Upgrades with Subscription-Based Storage

Let’s Discuss
Your Savings

All you really need to get started is the answer to a simple question: Roughly how many TBs do you need? Contact us for a complete demonstration of your potential savings with Pure ES2.

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