Storage Capacity without Compromise

Pure FlashArray//C—the first all-QLC flash array—delivers the NVMe performance, hyper-consolidation, and simplified management your data deserves.

All-flash Performance at 99.9999% Availability

Your 24x7 operations have no tolerance for inconsistent performance or unplanned disruptions. FlashArray//C is enterprise ready and provides proven six-nines of availability, non-disruptive upgrades, and consistent single-millisecond latency for the most demanding environments.

All-Flash for All Workloads

The all-QLC FlashArray//C is so cost-effective for capacity-oriented workloads that you can say goodbye to hard disk drives and hybrid arrays. And FlashArray//X is ideal for performance-oriented workloads. Put them together, and you can manage everything from a single pane of glass in Purity.

Maximize storage for high capacity applications

Guaranteed Data Efficiency

Pure DirectFlash modules and unique data-reduction technologies combine to deliver the most usable effective capacity. Your capacity-sensitive workloads benefit from the same Purity advanced data services as your most business-critical performance-sensitive workloads.

Get capacity-optimized all-flash storage and eliminate data silos

Highest Reliability, Best Configuration Options

Delivering 99.9999% availability with effective capacity options between 779TB in 3U all the way to 8.9PB in 9U, FlashArray//C is latency-tolerant, designed for availability, and meets the capacity expansion requirements of data-intensive workloads.

QLC-optimized storage built for 99.9999% availability

Additional Features Included

A 100% non-disruptive architecture with a flexible buying program, Evergreen™ frees you from the complexities, risk, and expensive upgrades of legacy storage. Get all the features of Purity—including ActiveCluster™ synchronous replication over Fibre Channel or Ethernet—at no additional cost.

Consolidate high capacity data stores

Container-ready Infrastructure with Portworx

Run Portworx on top of Pure FlashArray and FlashBlade® to benefit from Kubernetes-native storage and data management. Operate, scale, and secure modern applications and databases on FlashArray and FlashBlade with just a few clicks.

QLC-optimized storage built for 99.9999% availability

Pure Storage Is A Magic Quadrant™ Leader for the 9th Year in a Row.*

Pure Storage is positioned as A Leader once again in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Primary Storage.

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FlashArray//C Specifications




Up to 1.6PB/1.4PiB effective capacity** 

Up to 482TB/438TiB raw capacity

97.7 lbs (44.3Kg) fully loaded
5.12” x 18.94” x 29.72” chassis


Up to 8.9PB/8.1PiB effective capacity** 

Up to 2.3PB/2.1PiB raw capacity

97.7-185.4 lbs (44.3-84.1 kg) fully loaded
5.12”-18.94” x 18.94” x 29.72”

[**] Effective capacity assumes HA, RAID, and metadata overhead, GB-to-GiB conversion, and includes the benefit of data reduction with always-on inline deduplication, compression, and pattern removal. Average data reduction is calculated at 5-to-1 and does not include thin provisioning.

FlashArray//C Feature Comparison


Pure Storage

Nimble Storage (HF Series)

FAS Series

Dell EMC
SC Series

Footprint for 7.3PB effective

9 rack units with 100% NVMe DirectFlash Modules

64 rack units (using 10TB 7k HDDs +3.8TB SSDs for cache)

28 rack units (using 10TB 7k HDDs + PCIe FlashCache)

30 rack units (using 10TB HDDs + 1.6TB & 3.8TB SAS SSDs for cache)


Consistent 2-4ms latency; no cache misses, no hotspots, no worries

<1ms (cache hit) >5ms (cache miss)

5ms–10+ms write latency; read latency dependent on read caching via FlashCache

<1ms (cache hit) >5ms (cache miss)

End-to-End NVMe


Not supported

Not supported

Not available

QLC Flash Media

24TB / 48TB

QLC DirectFlash™ modules

Not supported

Not supported

Not available

Controller NDU

Free Every Three – via Evergreen Gold

Data in-place upgrade >10-year long life chassis; true NDU architecture of any component

Intra-chassis NDU, forklift between chassis

Via complicated aggregate relocation process, done by professional services

Not Supported

All-inclusive Software Features

Gold and Silver

Via Timeless

Not available

Not available

Full Performance Through Failure Or Upgrade



~50% impact with controller failure per HA-pair

~50% impact with controller failure per HA-pair

Protocol Support





Pure’s Efficiency Helps Your IT Team and the Planet

Our smart product design uses up to 85% less energy consumption and GHG emissions compared to other all-flash storage vendors.

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What is high-capacity storage?

From small offices to large enterprises, the act of setting up a local storage solution is often a balancing act between cost, capacity, and performance. High-capacity storage is data storage optimized for cost per capacity ($/GB). High-capacity storage solutions are designed to accommodate Tier 2 workloads (or higher), such as virtual machines, backups, email, and test/dev environments.

People also ask:

1. What are the benefits of high-capacity storage?

The benefits of deploying your own high-capacity storage solution include:

  • Reduced storage costs
  • The ability to hyper-consolidate large volumes of data
  • The flexibility to optimize storage costs by storage tier
  • Optimal storage capacity and performance for Tier 2 workloads

2. What are high-capacity storage use cases?

High-capacity storage is best used for applications such as:

  • Disaster recovery for Tier 2 apps
  • Backups, snapshots, and mirroring
  • Multi-cloud test/dev workload consolidation
  • Policy-based VM-tiering

3. What is QLC Flash?

Quad-level cell (QLC) flash is a capacity-optimized NAND memory technology that delivers a per-terabyte cost that matches or beats hard-disk drives (HDDs).

4. What are the differences: QLC vs. SLC vs. MLC vs. TLC?

QLC flash is the latest in a long trend of squeezing more bits per cell within a NAND flash device. Here’s a brief overview of how the technology has evolved over time:

  • Single-level cell (SLC) flash: One bit per cell, two possible voltage states
  • Multi-level cell (MLC) flash: Two bits per cell, four possible voltage states
  • Triple-level cell (TLC) flash: Three bits per cell, eight possible voltage states
  • Quad-level cell (QLC) flash: Four bits per cell, 16 possible voltage states
"...Meta has continued to partner with Pure, and RSC is the latest example of how Pure is helping Meta achieve its AI research goals."

Pure Storage Partners with Meta on AI Research SuperCluster

FlashArray and FlashBlade provide a robust and scalable storage solution for Meta’s RSC.

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Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best organizations across all industries.

“With FlashArray, we are able to consolidate our performance-oriented and capacity-oriented workloads on one platform, simplifying our environment and enabling us to leverage common data services and analytics across all of our data.”

Sean Donaldson
CTO, Managed Services Division, NTT Ltd.

“We believe the biggest benefit of FlashArray//C is eliminating the need for slower spinning-disk solutions. We’re excited to see Pure Storage introduce an all-NVMe capacity flash storage solution.”

Keith Martin
Director of Cloud Capacity Engineering, ServiceNow
NVME for high capacity storage applications

NVMe Performance with FlashArray//X

Work in a self-service environment to experience the management of a Pure FlashArray//X. Explore advanced features, including snapshots, replication, ActiveCluster™, and even VMware integration.

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