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Store Your Data with Confidence

Safe, Efficient Storage Capacity with data security and availability

Gain the confidence knowing that your data is highly available and secure. And when your business grows and evolves, know that your storage can be upgraded with zero disruption.

Unparalleled Data Storage

Storage Capacity with 99.9999% availability

Storage efficiency to reduce your data center costs. High availability to reduce your risk of downtime. Reduce power to meet corporate green standards. Quality of service to ensure apps stay responsive. Purity provides that and more.

Up to 10:1 Data Reduction

Purity delivers the industry’s most granular and complete data reduction for unmatched storage efficiency. Only unique blocks of data are saved on flash, which removes duplicates that fixed-block architectures often miss. And repetitive binary patterns are removed before data is deduplicated and compressed, streamlining the data reduction process.

Always-on Encryption

Purity’s “encrypt everything” approach provides built-in, enterprise-grade data security without user intervention or key management. Maintain regulatory compliance and help achieve GDPR compliance with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, and impact-free, AES-256 data-at-rest encryption.

High Availability

Purity ensures business continuity by reducing your risk of downtime while keeping mission-critical applications and data online and accessible. Designed from the ground up for flash, Purity RAID-HA protects against concurrent dual-drive failures, initiates re-builds automatically within minutes, and detects and heals bit-errors. Purity also treats performance variability as a failure and uses parity to work around bottlenecks to deliver consistent latency.


Data Reduction

VDI Environments


Virtual desktops (both persistent and non-persistent) are one of the most reducible workloads in the data center.

Virtual Server Environments


VMware or Hyper-V, consolidated virtual server environments with mixed applications.

Database Environments


OLTP or OLAP, even databases get surprising amounts of data reduction, most of it via compression.


Non-disruptive Everything

Downtime isn’t an option when your storage array hosts hundreds of applications. With Purity, you can expand flash capacity, upgrade controllers, replace failed components, and upgrade Purity software itself—all without taking the storage offline or impacting application performance. It’s truly non-disruptive.

Intelligent Quality of Service

Purity continuously tunes infrastructure using always-on quality of service (QoS) to prevent workloads from hogging resources. Without placing artificial limits on workloads, you get full performance for all your workloads and can maximize utilization of the array.

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