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5 key reasons why

You’ll love VMware on Pure Storage

Never worry about
performance again

  • More VMs per server
Virtualize Tier 1 applications

  • Mix workloads without fear

Storage is the Achilles' heel of virtualization. Mixing workloads through virtualization creates highly random IO, the “IO blender” effect, resulting in IO to disk that chokes traditional disk- based storage. This storage choke-point leads to inefficiencies: fewer VMs per server, fear of virtualizing IO-hungry databases, and manual workload isolation. Pure Storage makes it affordable to move to 100% flash, and completely remove the IO bottleneck. Wouldn’t it be nice to take storage performance off the list of things you have to worry about?


100% managed in vSphere

With the Pure Storage vSphere Web Client Plugin:

  • Fully-automated
    datastore creation

Just specify size and you are done. No LUNs, no RAID, no WWNs, no rescanning.
  • Capacity visibility
See through deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning to understand real capacity.
  • Performance visibility

    Correlate IOPS, latency, and bandwidth on a per-datastore basis.

Whether you’re a one-man do-it-all shop or a large enterprise with dedicated storage and VI admin teams, confusion always abounds when trying to manage the storage under VMware. Pure Storage’s vSphere Web Client plugin enables complete management of storage within VMware: automatically create, expand or shrink datastores without worrying about LUNs, see array-side capacity and performance of each datastore, and understand real storage usage through deduplication… all from a single web-based console.


Block Storage that’s invisible
under VMware

No Configuration

When all you want is a working datastore, why do you need to have a PhD in storage management to do the job? Pure Storage takes the pain out of storage management, removing the need to manage RAID, LUNs, WWNs, or ever have to calculate the IOPS load/disk in your RAID stripe. Just specify a size and location for your datastore and click “create”.

No Misalignment

512byte virtualization =
always aligned

Pure Storage natively virtualizes storage at the 512-byte block size, meaning that whatever VMDK and host OS/FS/application alignment you pick, you’ll always get the same consistent performance. Forget alignment utilities and auto-align features, with Pure Storage you are always aligned.

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No Constraints

thin or thick or eager zeroed

big or small datastore

With Pure Storage, there are no bad provisioning choices. Use thin, thick, or eager zero VMDKs, they all perform the same, and they all take the same amount of space on disk after deduplication. Choose many smaller or one large datastore (up to vSphere’s limit of 64TB), always the same performance.

VMDK Type performance compare ›
Datastore size performance compare ›


Dedupe Delivers

  • Always thin, deduped, and compressed
  • Inline reduction with no performance penalty
  • Predictable 5-10x reduction in VM workloads

One of the key reasons you virtualize is for efficiency: less servers, less space, and less power. The problem is that traditional storage is so inefficient these gains are often handed right back to your storage vendor. With Pure Storage you’ll always store your VMs in the smallest amount of space and power possible. Pure Storage is storage that enhances the efficiency of your VM environment.




The Pure Storage FlashArray supports the VMware VAAI (VMware API for Array Integration) standards to ensure the highest-performance connectivity and network efficiency under VMware. 100% flash storage + VAAI delivers the fastest storage experience under VMware.

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Pure Storage has undergone rigorous certification and interoperability testing through the VMware Ready™ program, earning VMware Ready certification for all models. This certification ensures that Pure Storage solutions are fully-supported by Pure Storage and VMware.

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Pure Storage and VMware leverage TSANet to provide the highest-quality joint support to our customers. TSANet enables joint case collaboration to ensure that support issues don’t become a blame game.

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