Pure Private Cloud:
Simpler, Faster

Fast – and easy – deployment. Pure Storage integrations deliver automation, orchestration, and self-service for VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, and OpenStack.

The Data Platform for Private Cloud

Across industries, cloud computing is changing the way business does business. IT managers need systems and applications that are simple, elastic, and on-demand. Innovation must be continuous, and flexibility is key.

FlashStack™ Makes Private Cloud a Snap

Developed jointly with Cisco, the Pure Storage FlashStack converged infrastructure solution is your private cloud – ready to go right out of the box. Simple to deploy, simple to operate, and ready to scale.

Realize Private Cloud with VMware

The VMware vRealize Suite provides the foundation for a robust private cloud platform. Pure Storage offers a comprehensive series of vRealize integration points to make building your cloud effortless.

Private Cloud Automation with Microsoft

Virtualizing with Hyper-V helps you to consolidate data center resources and reduce costs significantly. Improve business productivity by leveraging System Center, Powershell, and Pure’s integration with Microsoft via SMI-S.

Pure Delivers for OpenStack

Pure Storage offers a variety of integration methods for OpenStack. Our Cinder driver delivers enhanced features (snapshots, volume groups, replication), while integrating with Glance to speed cloud deployments. Our Python Automation Toolkit extends native Cinder features to cover all Pure Storage feature sets not yet available in Cinder. For full customization and access to all of FlashArray’s advanced storage features, we offer a comprehensive REST API.

OpenStack Cloud from BREQWATR

Pure’s partnership with Breqwatr enables you to unleash the power of OpenStack in your data center with a turnkey, on-premises cloud solution. The Breqwatr Cloud System uses the power and reliability of Pure Storage, coupled with a simple OpenStack custom interface, to reduce risk and increase operational efficiency within minutes of turning it on.

“I think of Pure Storage as the iPhone of storage, in the sense that installation is almost plug-and-play.”
Mathieu Dottin, Technical Director
“Everybody is happy. Migration was quick and painless, performance is very high and management is easy.”
Luca Paleari, CIO
“You know it’s an amazing product when you install it and forget it’s even there.”
Tony Lawrence, Information Security Officer
Catholic Church Insurance

Customers Capitalize on Pure Storage Private Cloud

We’ve helped many organizations optimize their IT with a private cloud solution. Here are just a few of them.

Pure Drives Owentis Hosting Service

By deploying Pure Storage, Owentis more than tripled IOPs and slashed latency by 90% – delivering a much improved end-user experience. Now they’re moving all their virtualized VMware servers to Pure.

Emmelibri Plans to Fully Virtualize with Pure

Emmelibri was able to increase performance and reliability – while lowering costs – with Pure. They can now finally complete the full virtualization of their data center, including core mission-critical SAP databases.

CCN eliminates data center management overhead

By deploying FlashStack, CCN has seen performance jump 10x while management overhead has disappeared. CCN has consolidated all its workloads to FlashStack and is now able to scale seamlessly as it grows.

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