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Meet the New FlashArray Family.

Economical all-flash storage for virtually any workload.


Small and Mighty

Up to 40TBs*

*Two HA controllers in 2U


Data Center Workhorse

Up to 125TBs


Consolidation King

Up to 250TBs

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Introducing the New Purity 4.0 Software

  • Introducing FlashRecover Replication™

    FlashRecover makes snapshots and replication simple, manageable, and always efficient.

    Introducing FlashRecover Replication

    Flexibly protect vital data assets locally and globally with full automation provided through protection policies. Space-efficient, fast, and anywhere.

    FlashRecover Replication

  • Introducing Purity 4.0

    Fourth generation storage software
    born for flash.

    Introducing Purity 4.0

    Purity provides more services more securely than ever before. Find out how FlashReduce, FlashProtect, and FlashRecover make a difference for your business – included at no additional cost with every FlashArray!

    Purity 4.0

Start Small and Grow Online

Upgrades without forklifts or disruption.

FlashArray now scales better than ever before – from smaller workloads to data center-wide consolidation. And because upgrading performance and capacity on the FlashArray is always non-disruptive, you can grow without impacting mission-critical applications.

Technical Specifications

* Usable capacity assumes HA, RAID, and metadata overhead, and includes the benefit of data reduction estimated at 6-to-1 based on real-world user experience.

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Pure Storage Non-Disruptive Upgrade (NDU) Demo

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Pure Storage 5-Minute Demo

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  • The Love Your Storage™ Guarantee

    The Love Your Storage™ Guarantee

    Do you love your existing storage?

    We don't just build flash storage, we build enterprise storage that everyone will love. If you don’t, return it for a full refund. It’s the broadest guarantee in the storage industry.

    Love Your Storage

  • Purity FlashReduce:

    Still the data reduction leader.

    Purity FlashReduce

    Although every vendor is being forced to tell some data reduction story, not all data reduction technologies are the same. Click to see a comparison of how Pure Storage stacks-up to the rest.


  • A Better Approach to Storage Acquisition and Lifecycles

    A Better Approach to Storage Acquisition and Lifecycles

    Avoid maintenance extortion and predatory upgrade policies with the Forever Flash program’s Free Every Three and Fresh Every Upgrade.

    Forever Flash

  • Purity FlashProtect:

    Always available.
    Always high-performing.

    Zero Snap Graphic

    99.999% Availability

    5-nines availability across install base of actual systems deployed in production. An Active-active HA architecture, RAID-3D, Dual-Parity+ protection, and End-to-End Data Integrity fabric work together to project your vital data.


Works with your existing applications.

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  • Born simple.

    Installs in 10 minutes.
    No tuning required, ever.

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