Evaluate Pure Storage

Meet the 3rd-generation FlashArray.

More performance.
More capacity.
More resiliency.
More security.
More integration.

More FlashArray,
still less cost than disk.


Introducing the New FA-400 Hardware

Introducing the New Purity 3.0 Software

Fast gets faster.

Whether you are accelerating a single database or centralizing 1,000s of VMs, the FlashArray will help you transform your business with flash performance.

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  • A whole new cloud-driven model for enterprise support.

    Constantly connected and always watching.


    The FlashArray calls home every 30 seconds to enable a new level of proactiveness in support. We’ve used cloud technology to redefine your expectations about what is possible with support.


  • New ZeroSnap Accelerated VM Cloning.

    Lightning-fast, pre-deduped cloning of VMware VMs.

    New ZeroSnap™ Accelerated VM Cloning allows cloning operations to be 100% offloaded by the array, using zero space and only making metadata copies.


ND* Non-disruptive everything.

All with no performance impact!

When a storage array is used to consolidate 100s of applications, downtime for maintenance simply isn’t an option. The FlashArray is designed with a stateless controller architecture and 100% redundant everything, enabling all maintenance tasks to be carried-out online: software updates, controller upgrades, capacity expansion, and HW replacement. Better yet – all these tasks happen with no performance impact.

Can your current array do that? Resilience


Pure Storage Non-Disruptive Upgrade (NDU) Demo

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Pure Storage 5-Minute Demo

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  • 100% encrypted, all the time.

    Peace of mind, without the key management pain or performance loss.

    Encryption is now always-on on every FlashArray. 256-bit AES strength without the hassle of key management. Complete protection against data loss and theft during media transit or maintenance.

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  • Still the data reduction leader.

    See our results, and compare us to the competition.

    Although every vendor is being forced to tell some data reduction story, not all data reduction technologies are the same. Click to see a comparison of how Pure Storage stacks-up to the rest.

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  • Fibre channel or ethernet?

    Yes. FlashArray speaks your language.

    Whether you’re an enterprise who runs 1,000s of FC ports, a cloud service provider that has an all-Ethernet infrastructure, or a smaller enterprise who went iSCSI from day 1, we’ve got you covered. The FlashArray was designed to be multi-protocol from the start, and provisioning volumes to a host is as simple as picking an auto-discovered WWN or iqn, and clicking “connect”.

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  • ZeroSnap™ Snapshots.

    Instant snapshots with zero limitations.

    Legacy disk-centric arrays make you choose between space-saving snapshots with a performance penalty, or full clones which waste tons of capacity. Pure Storage ZeroSnap™ offers instant snapshots without all the limitations. Take as many snaps as you like, each is performance-independent, and always thin, deduped, and compressed.
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