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Meet the New FlashArray Family.

Economical all-flash storage for virtually any workload.


Small and Mighty

Up to 40TBs*

*Two HA controllers in 2U


Data Center Workhorse

Up to 125TBs


Consolidation King

Up to 250TBs

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Introducing the New FA-400 Hardware

Introducing the New Purity 4.0 Software

  • Introducing FlashRecover Replication™

    * Available June 2014

    FlashRecover makes snapshots and replication simple, manageable, and always efficient.

    Introducing FlashRecover Replication

    Flexibly protect vital data assets locally and globally with full automation provided through protection policies. Space-efficient, fast, and anywhere.

    FlashRecover Replication

  • Introducing Purity 4.0

    Fourth generation storage software
    born for flash.

    Introducing Purity 4.0

    Purity provides more services more securely than ever before. Find out how FlashReduce, FlashProtect, and FlashRecover make a difference for your business – included at no additional cost with every FlashArray!

    Purity 4.0

Start Small and Grow Online

Upgrades without forklifts or disruption.

FlashArray now scales better than ever before – from smaller workloads to data center-wide consolidation. And because upgrading performance and capacity on the FlashArray is always non-disruptive, you can grow without impacting mission-critical applications.

Technical Specifications

* Usable capacity assumes HA, RAID, and metadata overhead, and includes the benefit of data reduction estimated at 6-to-1 based on real-world user experience.

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Pure Storage Non-Disruptive Upgrade (NDU) Demo

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Pure Storage 5-Minute Demo

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  • The Love Your Storage™ Guarantee

    The Love Your Storage™ Guarantee

    Do you love your existing storage?

    We don't just build flash storage, we build enterprise storage that everyone will love. If you don’t, return it for a full refund. It’s the broadest guarantee in the storage industry.

    Love Your Storage

  • Purity FlashReduce:

    Still the data reduction leader.

    Purity FlashReduce

    Although every vendor is being forced to tell some data reduction story, not all data reduction technologies are the same. Click to see a comparison of how Pure Storage stacks-up to the rest.


  • A Better Approach to Storage Acquisition and Lifecycles

    A Better Approach to Storage Acquisition and Lifecycles

    Avoid maintenance extortion and predatory upgrade policies with the Forever Flash program’s Free Every Three and Fresh Every Upgrade.

    Forever Flash

  • Purity FlashProtect:

    Always available.
    Always high-performing.

    Zero Snap Graphic

    99.999% Availability

    5-nines availability across install base of actual systems deployed in production. An Active-active HA architecture, RAID-3D, Dual-Parity+ protection, and End-to-End Data Integrity fabric work together to project your vital data.


Works with your existing applications.

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  • Born simple.

    Installs in 10 minutes.
    No tuning required, ever.

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