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Tired of forklift upgrades and maintenance extortion?

Big Storage has built a business around forcing you to buy a new storage array every three years – whether you need it or not! What if you could say “NO” to the pain of forced migrations, the lost weekends, the data corruption risk and the planned downtime? What if there was a better model for storage acquisitions and lifecycles? Introducing Forever Flash.

Forever Flash

Two “Big Storage” practices that have got to go!

The storage industry revolves around a 3-4 year forced refresh cycle. Here's why.

Maintenance Extortion

Maintenance Extortion

Annual maintenance seems reasonable at first…that is until the sales rep comes along to collect your fourth-year renewal. Despite initial discounts, maintenance typically renews off of list price (once you are tied to the platform), and discounts are suddenly non-existent. The typical solution? “Maybe we can give you a screaming deal on a new array instead of paying this maintenance bill.” It’s time to end predatory maintenance practices and find a better way to buy and maintain storage.

Forklift Upgrades

Forklift Upgrades

Your storage array starts out fast and capable, but within a short time, your capacity needs and performance needs grow. Sometimes upgrades are possible – add some cache here, some disk there, maybe a few flash drives – but before long, those band-aids aren’t effective. Most storage platforms either aren’t upgradable at all, or their limited upgrade options come with too much pain, risk, and expense. So in the end the inevitable forklift upgrade happens – along with the expense and downtime of forced data migration. It’s time to end forklift upgrades and find a better way to buy and maintain storage.


Introducing Forever Flash

A better approach to storage acquisition and lifecycles.

Forever Flash is included in every* FlashArray purchase.

Forever Flash


With any upgrade to the array (controllers or shelf addition), maintenance on the entire array can be reset to the then current first year maintenance rates. As long as your array is growing, you’ll never be charged for increased out-year maintenance, and you’ll realize a typical reduction in per-TB maintenance rates over time (compared to the traditional model where per-TB rates rise over time). When the array upgrade is processed, you’ll be given credit for whatever maintenance term you have remaining on the array to purchase a new contract as if the entire array was brand new – at the then-current rates.


Designed for arrays that aren't growing over time, Free Every Three allows you to receive a controller upgrade when renewing your 4th+5th year maintenance. Continuing down this maintenance path you would be eligible again when renewing your 7th+8th year maintenance; your eligibility is based on another upgrade every three years when renewing 2+ years of maintenance. This enables you to keep your FlashArray fast with new controllers designed to run the very latest Purity Operating Environment, including all the new features they are capable of.

* Forever Flash is a global program available through most Pure Storage partners, but participation may vary – check with your local Pure Storage partner for details.
Forever Flash requires no additional contract – all terms are part of the standard Pure Storage EULA.

A Better Hardware Architecture Makes Forever Flash Possible

Incrementally upgradable and always non-disruptive:
We make the storage array where continuous upgrades are the norm.
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Upgradable Controllers
The FlashArray is based upon stateless, independent controllers with x86 CPUs, meaning that we can ship faster controllers annually which let you upgrade the performance of your existing array – year after year after year.

Expandable Storage
Flash storage changes completely every 6-9 months, so we built the FlashArray to allow for incremental expansion to take advantage of fast flash density and cost improvements. Buy only what you need today – we’ll let you expand it tomorrow.

Always Non-Disruptive
ALL FlashArray upgrades are always non-disruptive: upgrade controllers between generations, add capacity, update software…all without downtime, performance loss, or planned outages. You won’t even have to let your application team know!

Building a Better Storage Company!

At Pure Storage, we’re not just building a better storage array, we’re working hard to build a better storage company by unapologetically eliminating everything that is wrong with Big Storage.

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